About Aloha

Why play for Aloha Volleyball Club?

 Every club is different. When comparing clubs, be sure to ask specific questions about what is included in the cost, tournament schedules, hours of practice, uniforms, optional practices, and other benefits.

Every player will have a different club experience. Those who put more effort in usually get more out of it. Aloha Volleyball Club strives to provide quality training for every player involved in our program. All of our teams are coached by experienced coaches between high school, club, and college level. Below are some of the advantages in playing for Aloha Volleyball Club.

Quality Training

Aloha VBC is one of the few clubs in the area to provide a head coach that has years of experience either coaching high school or college volleyball along with club volleyball. Having the right coach is a big step toward improved performance. Look for a coach that has vast and proven experience successfully coaching volleyball. Keep in mind, however, that just because someone has achieved a high level of personal success in the sport doesn’t mean they’ll automatically make a great coach or be the right fit for you.

All of our power coaches are IMPACT certified through USA Volleyball, the national governing body of Juniors club volleyball. Some of our coaches have also participated in additional training called Gold Medal Squared. The knowledge the coaches received from this training is passed around to the other coaches to allow for a more cohesive playing environment at Aloha.

Practice Time & Locations

It takes a long time and countless repetitions to master any skill involved in playing volleyball. Since high schools are limited to a short number of weeks for competition, it can be hard to obtain quality technical training. For our power teams, we offer quality training 2-3 nights a week. We understand that our student/athletes play multiple sports and encourage them to experience other sports. In addition to team training time, players have the opportunity to attend position training.

Practice locations are mainly held at Los Altos High School and occasionally at Milpitas High School depending on gym availability.

Exposure to College Coaches/Competitive Tournament Play

College coaches regularly attend and recruit from club tournaments. If you plan to play in college, the best way to do so is to play club. In order to increase your exposure, we schedule competitive tournaments outside of the Northern California region, tournaments that many college coaches are likely to attend. Also, many of our coaches have been through the college recruiting process themselves, and are able to offer unique and valuable insight based on their own experiences. Our power teams’ tournament schedules are designed to provide maximum exposure to college coaches through attendance at competitive tournaments, such as National Qualifiers and SoCal Showcase.

National Qualifiers & Showcases

Our power teams in each of our age divisions will have the opportunity to participate in Qualifiers and Far Westerns to compete at a possible opportunity to advance to the Junior Nationals Tournament (Junior Olympics). Our power teams will also travel to SoCal to participate in the SoCal Showcase sponsored by AAU, the Amateur Athletic Union. At the Showcase, college coaches will be available to see players that are interested in pursuing playing volleyball at the next level.

The Overall Experience

Aloha VBC strives to provide a positive and successful club experience for everyone involved – players, coaches and parents. We are working to build a club culture of driven players, successful teams, dedicated coaches, and supportive families!